Montag, 13. März 2006

Ehrlich gesagt...

merk ich -außer im Adminbereich - keinerlei Unterschied.
Ich werde das Theme aber trotzdem Übersetzen, wahrscheinlich am WE. Ist irgendwie Ehrensache. ;-)

hier mal das Changelog auf englisch:

Beta 4 Fixes

Files changed:

Nearly all files, unfortunately.

Files added:
» template-aside.php (template-sidenote.php was renamed to template-aside.php and a new template-sidenote.php was created)

» Moved all font css to fauna-default.css
» Wrote some instructions in the top of fauna-default.css
» Added an option to specify a custom stylesheet. This might make it easier to upgrade to future versions of Fauna.
» Dropped category RSS meta link, since the code wasn’t 2.0 compatible
» Due to incredible work by Ozh on his Themetoolkit (http:/, checkboxes now function properly. Ozh has actually made a workaround to a bug in Wordpress itself. Send him a thank you note.
» Removed a superfluous DIV from page.php and page-archives.php (Thanks Levi)
» Added a few HTML comments in some of the templates, including search.php (Thanks Levi)
» Fixed a problem in template-postloop.php where uncommenting the_author_link wouldn’t work (Thanks Sadish)
» Fixed a problem in template-sidenote.php where it said “1 Comments” (Thanks Sadish)
» Had to add class “post” to template-sidenote.php and template-postloop.php in order to fix an overflow problem
» Added some default values to the options page. This means the default configuration for Fauna is now actually shown in the options page, rather than the options being empty as they have been so far
» Changed noteworthy heart font to Lucida Console, because it looks really good in that font.
» Moved an .entry-date border style from style.css to fauna-default.css
» Moved a yellow inputfield focus class to fauna-default.css (Thanks Levi)
» Fixed a nasty bug where sites with more than one author would have author pages with errors on them (Thanks a lot, Levi)
» Made consistent vertical spacing in UL lists in the sidebar (Thanks Simplex)
» Did some tweaks to the header width / height options so you can change the header of the all mastheads, not just custom ones
» Added option to change background image and color
» Removed the searchbox background. I’ve been pondering this for ages. While it did serve the purpose of connecting above with below, visually, I think it looks a bit better without. Your thoughts?
» Due to popular demand, I added another special category: Sidenotes. To do this, I renamed the previous “Sidenotes” category to “Asides”. Now it works like this: “Asides” or “Dailies” are small posts in the main post-list, while “Sidenotes” are relegated to the sidebar. For those of you who are using a “Sidenotes” category for your small posts in the main post-list and don’t want those relegated to the sidebar, simply go “Manage > Categories”, and in the “Category slug” for your Sidenotes category, type in “asides” or “dailies”. Then you’ll keep your behaviour.

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