Dienstag, 27. November 2007

Eine Nachricht vom Universum

beim Lesen von Gala's Blog bin ich über die "Notes from the Universe" gestolpert und habe die auch abonniert.

Heute kam folgende:

Remember long, long ago, when you were considering living the "Potential Adventures of Nimue Sionnach," among an infinite array of other choices, how you suddenly turned to me and asked deadpan, "How much trouble could I get into, anyway?"

Do you?

Do you remember my reply, Nimue?

I told you it would depend on a good number of factors, not the least of which would include climate change, geological pressures, celestial weather patterns, the star you're born under, political friction on the street, worthiness, luck, fate, or the mood I'm in.

At which point we both burst out laughing so hard we almost needed stitches.

Like a hyena,
The Universe

Mir gefällt das Bild so gewaltig lachen zu müssen, das man genäht werden muß. Irgendwie.

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